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Phones Limited – Mobile Price Comparison

When you’re looking for that perfect mobile deal that suits both your needs and wallet, there’s only one way to find it … price comparison!

We’ve been comparing mobile phone deals since 2002 when there were only around 600 available in the entire mobile market.

These days there’s a choice of over 5 million mobile deals available so comparing them all in a simple way to guarantee you pay the best price for your new phone contract is essential!

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Use our advanced deal filters to create your perfect package, choose how many minutes of calls you need, how many text messages you want to send, how much of that essential data to keep you going all month and then sort through the cheapest mobile deals to find the perfect tariffs!

We are partnered with all of the leading mobile phone shops, networks and online retailers which means you can compare mobile deals from the whole of the market in one place!

We also feature exclusive voucher codes that help you save even more with upfront costs!

Compare, Save and Upgrade Today!


Thinking of upgrading your phone or are you thinking of upgrading your contract? Confusing isn’t it?! Read on for an explanation of both as well as to learn the cheapest way to upgrade your phone … What is an upgrade? The word ‘upgrade’ when related to mobile phones is often misunderstood as there are two […]

If you know us then you’ll know that we love a great deal and this is exactly what we’ve got for the new Samsung Galaxy S8! Samsung’s newly launched flagship has been holding a high price since its release but now we’re starting to see some real discounts and this latest limited time offer is […]

Staying with your current network provider and keeping your mobile number is most people’s preferred way of buying their new phone, however judging by the upgrade prices offered directly by the networks you would think they don’t mind losing your business! Very rarely do we hear a ‘good news’ story from customers who have negotiated […]

Exclusive Launch of Huawei Mate 9 With no sign of a Galaxy Note replacement on the horizon from Samsung, Huawei must be looking to capitalise on the phablet demand with their latest Mate 9 launch. Three Mobile have snapped up the exclusive launch period of the Huawei Mate 9, making it available in it’s space […]

Note 7’s Blue Hue for S7 Edge A sixth colour scheme has been added to Samsung’s flagship S7 Edge range and it’s one we’ve seen before, albeit very briefly! The hugely popular Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was originally released in 3 colours, black onyx, gold platinum and white pearl before being joined by a sleek […]


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