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We are here to help you compare the cheapest mobile phone deals in the UK, whether you you are looking for the latest smart phone contract deals, cheap SIM Free prices, best pay as you go offers or mobile phone contracts with free gifts, you'll find them all listed on our comprehensive price comparison website.

We work with all of the leading mobile phones retailers and networks to update our database of 905,833 deals twice everyday to guarantee that you get the latest and best offers available all in one place, you can choose from the best-selling packages below or use the drop down menu above to find the exact phone you are looking for.

Popular Contract Mobile Phones:

These are the best-selling phones in the last 24 hours based on how many deals have been ordered.

Samsung Galaxy S4 dealsSamsung Galaxy S5 Charcoal Black dealsApple iPhone 5S 16GB dealsSamsung Galaxy Note 3 dealsSamsung Galaxy S3 dealsHTC One (M8) Gunmetal Grey deals
Galaxy S4
Galaxy S5 Charcoal Black
iPhone 5S 16GB
Galaxy Note 3
Galaxy S3
One (M8) Gunmetal Grey

Very Latest Mobile Phone Releases:

These are the very latest phone models to be launched with deals in the UK!

HTC Desire 310 Orange dealsHTC Desire 310 White dealsHTC Desire 310 dealsSamsung Galaxy S5 Shimmery White dealsSamsung Galaxy S5 Electric Blue dealsSamsung Galaxy S5 Copper Gold deals
Desire 310 Orange
Desire 310 White
Desire 310
Galaxy S5 Shimmery White
Galaxy S5 Electric Blue
Galaxy S5 Copper Gold

Most Wanted Pay As You Go Phone Deals:

If contract phone deals are not for you then many are available with pay as you go deals!

Sony XPERIA Z1 Compact dealsSamsung Galaxy S3 Mini dealsSamsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition dealsMotorola Moto G 8GB dealsNokia Lumia 625 dealsApple iPhone 5S 16GB deals
XPERIA Z1 Compact
Galaxy S3 Mini
Galaxy S4 Black Edition
Moto G 8GB
Lumia 625
iPhone 5S 16GB

Best Selling Mobile Deals Today:

These are the most popular contract phone deals purchased in the past 24 hours!

Samsung Galaxy S4 deals Samsung Galaxy S4
EE 1000 + Unlimited + 500MB at 18.99
 HTC One (M8) Gunmetal Grey deals HTC One (M8) Gunmetal Grey
EE Unlimited + 2GB at 29.99
 Samsung Galaxy S4 deals Samsung Galaxy S4
EE 500 + Unlimited + 500MB at 13.99
 Samsung Galaxy S5 Charcoal Black deals Samsung Galaxy S5 Charcoal Black
EE Unlimited + 2GB at 29.99
Samsung Galaxy S4 deals Samsung Galaxy S4
T-Mobile 500 + Unlimited + Unlimited at 27.99
£200.00 Cash Back
 Samsung Galaxy Note 3 deals Samsung Galaxy Note 3
EE Unlimited + 2GB at 29.99
 Samsung Galaxy S4 deals Samsung Galaxy S4
SIM Free
 Samsung Galaxy S5 Charcoal Black deals Samsung Galaxy S5 Charcoal Black
EE Unlimited + 4GB at 37.99
£100.00 Instant Cash Back

Mobile Phones NewsAs well as bringing you the best mobile phone deals in the UK we also have a team of writers keeping our customers abreast of the latest mobile phones news via our blog. Below you'll find breaking news stories as well as updates when new phones are released, network deals as phone models are launched, reviews for accessories and apps as well as special offers and our pick of the cheapest contract deals.

Latest News

European Commission looks to end misleading in-app purchases in meeting with Google and Apple

Were you ever led to believe that an app was free to find out later that it wasn?t? Has your child accidentally made an in-app purchase? Don?t you wish someone would do something about this? Thankfully, the European Commission understands what you?re going through and has met with Google and Apple to end misleading in-app ... Read more

Blackberry responds to Wyatt?s comments ? says ?Good is not good enough?

In an interview, Christy Wyatt, Good Technology CEO, said that her company was receiving a lot of calls from enterprise customers. BlackBerry responded by saying ?Good is not good enough.?

In a blog post titled ?Good is not Good Enough,? BlackBerry CEO John Chen said, ?BlackBerry has provided multi-platform OS management for nearly 2 years ... Read more

Good Technology says it is getting a lot of calls from enterprise customers ? is it killing BlackBerry?

According to Good Technology?s CEO, Christy Wyatt, her company is getting a number of calls from enterprise customers.

In an interview with Computing, Wyatt said, ?We have a lot of customers calling us and saying ?I have this BlackBerry population – I have to start giving [end users] access to other things, either because they ... Read more

?The All New HTC One? moniker leaked again

@evleaks, a Twitter account notorious for leaking information on yet to be unveiled devices, has been heavily leaking information on the HTC M8 (successor of the HTC One). Now it has again leaked what the Taiwanese firm is planning to call its next flagship.

@evleaks has leaked what the HTC M8 will look like, leaking ... Read more

Photos of the HTC One (2014) in silver leaked

The HTC M8, The All New HTC One, or the HTC One (2014) has been heavily leaked in the internet. We?ve seen a number of leaks showing press renders of the device. Now the silver colour option of the device has been leaked in the wild.

Here are the photos:

The leak comes ... Read more

Sony XPERIA Z3 coming in H2 2014?

Sony has recently lifted the lid on the Sony XPERIA Z2 and the Sony XPERIA Z2 Tablet. So you may be thinking that we?ll have to wait another year to see the smartphone?s and tablet?s successor. You could be wrong as Creative Director at Sony Mobile suggests that the Sony XPERIA Z3 will be coming ... Read more

BlackBerry considering launching PlayBook successor but not ready yet

BlackBerry released the PlayBook tablet in May of 2011. Although the tablet showed a lot of promise, it failed to capture the tablet market. In fact, it turned out to be a failure. With that said, is the Canadian phone maker planning to launch a successor? BlackBerry is considering releasing a follow-up to the PlayBook, ... Read more

Google SVP talks about Nokia X, the Google Nexus 6, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 still running Android

MWC 2014 confirmed and put a number of rumours to rest. However, it also raised a number of questions. First of all, with Nokia lifting the lid on the Android-powered Nokia X, how does Google feel about this? Secondly, will Google release the Nexus 6 in the first half of this year? Lastly, with Samsung ... Read more

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