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Apple iPhone 4 16GB Deals

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Other Variants of the Apple iPhone 4

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iPhone 4 8GB
iPhone 4 8GB White

iPhone 4 FeaturesiPhone 4 Gallery
The iPhone 4 is a direct upgrade to the popular iPhone 3GS and introduces a new glass design for optical quality and scratch resistance with new and improved technology and features.
The Apple iPhone 4 16GB offers a 5 mega pixel camera recording video at 720p HD, a front facing camera for 'FaceTime', a 3.5 inch retina display, a fast A4 processor and measures 115 x 59 x 9.3 mm whilst weighing 137g.
It can connect via 3.5G networks, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth and now offers the latest iOS5 software with iCloud storage found in the new iPhone 4S.

What we think of the iPhone 4 16GB:

The Apple iPhone 4 offers the same design as the new iPhone 4S but with a cheaper price tag, both phones offer the iOS5 operating system with iCloud storage but the extra money for the newer model adds in the Siri voice system, a faster processor and better camera. Still a very impressive device the iPhone 4 competes well with other top-end smart phones.
Since the release of the 8GB iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S this 16GB edition is to be discontinued, grab a deal now while they're still available!

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