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iPhone 5 32GB
iPhone 5 32GB White

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Latest News for the Apple iPhone 5 64GB White

Is iOS 8.0.2 still giving you problems?

iOS 8 has been under fire for having issues with cellular data, Wi-Fi connectivity, Safari, and the new HealthKit apps. Apple tried to correct these issues with iOS 8.0.1, which made things worse. It caused cellular radios and Touch ID not to work. Recently, the Cupertino firm rolled out iOS 8.0.2 to try and correct ... Read more

iPhone 5 jailbreak on the way ? was a tough nut to crack

Developers all over the globe have been hard at work trying to jailbreak the new iPhone 5. One of the groups says that the jailbreak will be available soon.

The team that has almost cracked the new iPhone is the Chronic Dev Team. The team has almost finished their tethered jailbreak. However, they say that ... Read more

iPad mini thrice as large as the iPhone 5

First the device?s casing. Then a rumoured release date. Now, pictures of the rumoured iPad mini?s battery have leaked online. The new leak reveals the smaller version of the iPad sporting a 4,490mAh battery, which is thrice as large compared to the battery of the iPhone 5].

An anonymous source sent the pictures of the ... Read more

iPhone 5 keyboard bug to be fixed via software update

On no, it seems another iPhone 5 flaw has surfaced. Now, owners are reporting their new kits are plagued with a flickering keyboard.

It seems problems affecting the new iPhone are piling up. The first bug that was discovered was the Apple Maps app that replaced Google Maps when iOS 6 rolled out. People were ... Read more

Green glow issue found on iPhone 5? display

iPhone 5 flaws have been reported in the past. Now, users are reporting another flaw. A green glow on the handset?s display has been sighted on some units.

People were quite excited when Apple unveiled the iPhone 5. Apple sold out its pre-order stock on the first day the new iPhone went live. On the ... Read more

Workers struggle to keep up with high demand and Apple?s high standards resulting in easy to scratch iPhone 5

Apparently, the reason behind iPhone 5 shortages is the coating of its aluminium casing. The material is susceptible to bumps and scratches. This is why factory workers are struggling to build them up to par with Apple?s unattainably high standards.

According to Bloomberg, workers are finding it difficult to keep the anodised aluminium casings free ... Read more

Apple claims purple haze happens to all iPhones ? not just the iPhone 5

Apple has acknowledged the purple haze effect that plagues photos taken on the iPhone 5. However, the Cupertino firm says that this is normal, and users should instead focus the camera in a different angle.

On Apple?s support section, the company says, ?Most small cameras, including those in every generation of iPhone, may exhibit some ... Read more

Apple acknowledges purple haze effect ? advises iPhone 5 users to switch angles

Owners of the new iPhone 5 have complained about the purple haze effect, which is a purple halo on pictures shot using the new kit?s camera.

The problem happens when a picture is snapped with a light source out-of-frame. The light source is usually the sun. The light source affects either photos or videos, leaving ... Read more

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