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Latest News for Google

European Commission looks to end misleading in-app purchases in meeting with Google and Apple

Were you ever led to believe that an app was free to find out later that it wasn?t? Has your child accidentally made an in-app purchase? Don?t you wish someone would do something about this? Thankfully, the European Commission understands what you?re going through and has met with Google and Apple to end misleading in-app ... Read more

Google SVP talks about Nokia X, the Google Nexus 6, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 still running Android

MWC 2014 confirmed and put a number of rumours to rest. However, it also raised a number of questions. First of all, with Nokia lifting the lid on the Android-powered Nokia X, how does Google feel about this? Secondly, will Google release the Nexus 6 in the first half of this year? Lastly, with Samsung ... Read more

Google Play game revenue quadrupled in Q4 2013 ? Apple App Store game revenue doubled

Two reports from app market experts, IDC and App Annie, reveal that Google Play game revenue quadrupled in Q4 2013, while Apple App Store game revenue doubled in the same period.

TheNextWeb reports, ?The report shows that gamers spent more than four times as much money on Google Play smartphone and tablet games in the ... Read more

Nokia Facebook page now green ? Android handset incoming?

Nokia has changed its Facebook background colour from blue to green. Is this an indication that its rumoured Android-powered handset called the Nokia X (Normandy) is coming?

Today is Valentine?s Day. So it would be normal to change your colour for the day to red, but why green? It?s possible that the Finnish phone ... Read more

Magazine UX cannot be turned off on Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO

Samsung recently officially unveiled its Galaxy NotePRO and Galaxy TabPRO series. These are new tablets that sport the Korean tech giant?s new ?Magazine UX.? Samsung says that the UX cannot be turned off.

If you take a look a closer look at the Magazine UX, it does look a lot like Microsoft?s Live Tiles. Google ... Read more

Motorola sold by Google to Lenovo

In 2012, Google purchased Motorola. This 2014, the US-based phone maker again has a new owner. Motorola has been sold by Google to Lenovo. It looks like we have another game changer.

On Google?s official blog, Google CEO Larry Page wrote, ?We?ve just signed an agreement to sell Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion. As ... Read more

Samsung and Google announce global patent cross-licensing agreement

Samsung and Google have announced that the two have reached a global patent cross-licensing agreement.

Reuters reports, ?Google Inc and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, which are frequently involved in patent infringement lawsuits but not against each other, announced on Sunday that they have reached a global patent cross-licensing agreement.

?The deal covers patents currently owned ... Read more

Motorola CEO talks about Google ownership

In an interview with JournalGazette, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside talked about hardware, mobile services, the competition and the advantages and headaches of being owned by Google.

Here?s what he had to say:

Q. A lot of people know Motorola for early cellphones and the Razr line. Today, how would you describe Motorola?

A. Our ... Read more

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