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How to find the best deals for Huawei Honor 7

Compare Huawei Honor 7 prices using these 5 buying options:

  • Porting – Transfer your existing mobile number to another network to take advantage of ‘new customer’ deals. Using your PAC code (obtained from your existing network), the new operator will transfer it across for you. PAC codes are valid for 30 days.
  • Upgrade – Keep your existing number on your current network and upgrade to a new handset. Compare Huawei Honor 7 upgrade prices by selecting your operator+upgrade from ‘Choose a Network’.
  • New Connection – Compare all contract deals on all networks (except upgrade offers and SIM free) and your new Honor 7 will be supplied with a new mobile number.
  • SIM Free – SIM free phones are supplied unlocked to all networks allowing you to use an existing SIM card. Check your existing SIM card size matches the type compatible with your new phone. ie: Standard, Micro or Nano.
  • Pay As You Go – Pay as you use your mobile service without a monthly contract. Buy Top-Up vouchers or add extra credit as and when you need to.

Buying Tip:

When comparing Huawei Honor 7 deals it’s easy to jump straight to the offers with no upfront cost, however you will find in most cases, if you can pay a little upfront for your new phone on a lower priced tariff you will actually end up saving a lot more over the contract period.

Whether you intend to ‘port’ your number or ‘upgrade’ your phone, you should always have completed your minimum term contract period of your existing agreement. If you are not sure, a quick call to your provider will confirm this for you.


Huawei has just lifted the lid on the Huawei Honor 7. [youtube] The Huawei Honor 7 is constructed out of a metal alloy chassis. It is available in three versions. The basic version comes with 16 GB of internal storage and LTE connectivity. Another version comes with dual-SIM support and LTE connectivity. The third and […]

Huawei is expected to lift the lid on the Honor 7 hours from now. Despite this, a video has surfaced, leaking the device. Here’s the video: [youtube] According to past reports, there will be two versions of the Huawei Honor 7. The low-end version is said to come with 3 GB of RAM and 16 […]

Huawei will be lifting the lid on the Honor 7 on the 30th of June. According to a new rumour, the device will be available in two variants. The new rumour comes to us courtesy to Chinese-speaking MyDrivers. According to the site, the Huawei Honor 7 will be available in two variants – one low-end version […]

Huawei has posted a teaser on its official Weibo page (first spotted by GizmoChina), revealing that its new Honor 7 flagship will make its official debut on the 30th of June. Aside from showing the number 7 and revealing when the company plans to lift the lid on the device, Huawei also teases a fingerprint on […]

Last week, TENAA, China’s US FCC equivalent, leaked images of the yet to be announced Huawei Honor 7. Sadly, those images are far from high quality. Now a new image has been leaked, showing us the smartphone’s metal build and rear fingerprint sensor. The image you see above was leaked by AndroidGuys. It shows the back […]

Port your number = Switch for best deals!

Most people switch their mobile number between their two favourite networks every time their contract expires.

This allows you to take advantage of 'new' customer deals which are far more affordable than paying upgrade prices.

Porting your number is easy, you simply order your new phone on a different network, make sure you're happy with it and then call your existing network and ask for your PAC code.

You then give this to your new network who will transfer your number across for you within 24 hours.

Upgrade = Same number, same network

If you are in an area where coverage is an issue or have other reasons to want to stay with your existing network then unfortunately upgrading is one of few options available if you want to keep your number and get a new phone.

To upgrade you simply choose the network logo from our filters, ie: EE Upgrade, O2 Upgrade or Vodafone Upgrade


to see all available upgrade prices for your chosen phone.

You'll be asked by the retailer during checkout for your existing number which will be transferred to your new phone.