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O2 500 + Unlimited + 500MB at 23
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O2 500 + Unlimited + 500MB at 23
 LG G3 Metallic Black deals LG G3 Metallic Black
EE Unlimited + 2GB at 30.99
 LG G3 Metallic Black deals LG G3 Metallic Black
O2 500 + Unlimited + 500MB at 28
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Vodafone Voda 100 + Unlimited + 100MB at 14.50
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Vodafone Voda Unlimited + 4GB at 31.50

LG Mobile Phones

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G Flex
G2 Mini Lunar White
G2 Mini Titan Black
G2 White
G3 Metallic Black
G3 Shine Gold
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G3 Silk White
GD510 Pop
GM360 Viewty Snap
L30 Red
L40 White
Optimus L1 2
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Optimus L1 2 White
Optimus L3
Optimus L3 2
Optimus L3 2 White
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Optimus L5 2
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Optimus L7 2
Optimus L7 2 White
T505 White

Latest News for LG

LG G3 owners complain about cracks in the microphone area

A few LG G3 owners have complained about cracks in the microphone area. Initially, it was thought that these were isolated incidents, only affecting a few units. However, it seems that the issue is more widespread.

The photos and video you see above were sent to GSMDome from disgruntled LG G3 owners.

The ... Read more

LG planning to unlock bootloader on future models

LG has promised in an email to XDA that they plan to unlock the bootloader on future smartphones. Just not the LG G3 at this time.

The email reads:

Thank you for your feedback regarding bootloader unlock and we are sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment that have been caused by lack of support ... Read more

LG G3 Beat product movie reveals Note 4 rival ‘G3 Stylus’

LG has released a “product movie” for the LG G3 Beat (LG G3 S). At the end of the short film, the unannounced LG G3 Stylus made an appearance, completing the LG G3 trio. The LG G3 Stylus is the rival of the Korean tech giant’s upcoming phablet the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Hit ... Read more

LG G3 S is the dual SIM G3 Mini, according to master leaker

According to a renowned leaker, the LG G3 S is a dual SIM variant of the LG G3 Mini.

The master leaker in question is none other than @evleaks. He says on his website, ?LG G3S (G3 mini), dual SIM variant.? This is then followed by the image you see above.

Looking at the ... Read more

Video tells LG G3 ?Design Story?

Want to know the reasons behind the LG G3?s design? If this is keeping you up at night, hit play below and watch the smartphone?s new video ?LG G3 : Design Story.? It shows LG?s top designers explaining how and why they came up with the smartphone?s design.

Here?s the video:

Like the LG ... Read more

Funny LG G3 videos show the advantages of KNOCK Code versus other unlocking methods

Why is KNOCK Code on the LG G3 and other LG handsets better than other unlocking methods on other rival smartphones? LG has released four videos proving that KNOCK Code is better.

Hit play to watch the videos.

KNOCK Code vs Fingerprint Scanner

KNOCK Code vs Face Detection

KNOCK Code vs Pattern Lock

KNOCK ... Read more

Here?s an LG G3 drop test

We?ve seen the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (M8) endure drop tests. Now it?s the LG G3?s turn. Let?s see how it tough it is.

Hit play to watch the LG G3 drop test.

Okay. So it isn?t as tough as the HTC One (M8) or the Samsung Galaxy S5. Moral of ... Read more

Possible 4.5-inch LG G3 mini variant spotted in import-export site

Past reports have revealed that LG is planning to launch a mini version of the G3, with the D725 believed to be a variant headed to US network operator AT&T. Now, another variant, model number D722, has been spotted in India?s import-export database, Zauba, revealing a 4.5-inch 720p screen. If this is a variant of ... Read more

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