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Samsung Galaxy S3 Reviews

Get to know what others think of the Samsung Galaxy S3, scroll down for reviews from real users and find out exactly what it offers, both good and bad.

If you already own the Galaxy S3 then please write your own review to help others make an informed decision, let them know exactly how you feel about it and whether you would recommend buying.

Simply choose a star rating for features, design and usability and send in your review, add as much detail as you can including what you think of its features, design and general comments.

Overall Samsung Galaxy S3 Rating - 20 Reviews


User reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Ken Dan in Hayle posted this review on 3rd Dec '13: -

Just recently aquired the Samsung S3 when I renewed my contract its a brilliant phone A good all round versatile device a big improvement from my previous phone the HTC Sensation.What I love is the big LED lit screen which is ideal for gaming Its an easy to use phone with ease of use of its features.Im able to navigate around it was a breeze to set up too.Its processor is a big improvement too doesnt freeze or lock up when under heavy demand battery consumption is good too its easy on the hand too when being held and also very lightweight.I recommend it to anyone who is about to upgrade.

Martin Pilkington posted this review on 1st Nov '12: -

The Galaxy S3 is by far the best phone I have ever had, right down to the thin design and beautiful touch screen I'm loving everything about it.
The speed is hugely impressive as is the camera and its functions - my only niggle would be that Samsung should have released the sapphire black version earlier as would have preferred it over blue - that is all ;)

Sandy Painton posted this review on 17th Oct '12: -

I wasn't sure about upgrading from my Samsung Galaxy S2 to this new Galaxy S3 but am so very glad I did now - it's outstanding.
I really like the new screen size and although it makes for a bigger phone you tend not to notice too much after a couple of days.
Watching back video from sites like YouTube is such a better experience whilst snapping photos with the new software is inspirational.
Another clear winner from Samsung.

Harry S posted this review on 11th Oct '12: -

I am completely and totally in love with my Samsung Galaxy SIII, a staggering piece of kit that blows every other phone away.
The display is awe-inspiring whilst the speed is beyond comprehension ..... sounds far fetched?
No! I just cannot sum up into words just how impressed I am with this phone!

Harry Fern posted this review on 9th Oct '12: -

I'm pretty sure that there isn't anything else out there to rival the speed and technology of the Samsung Galaxy S3, I've had mine a few months now and none of my friends phones (including the new iPhone 5) even come close when it comes down to features.

mudlas4u posted this review on 5th Sep '12: -

I recently got my self a Samsung Galaxy S3, and I just love it! The Galaxy S3 is fantastic. I am just loving the experience of using it from the day i bought it.
Your friends are going to envy you, just because this phone is so amazing!

Sezza B posted this review on 25th Jul '12: -

Completely in love with my new Galaxy S3, loving the new shape (I had the S2 before!), very easy to use and so many new features, love the added camera features like multiple shot and best photo option.
Even faster than my Samsung Galaxy S2 my new S3 is awesome!

Ray Wilson posted this review on 18th Jul '12: -

Nice Smartphone after all .. It cover all feature that i wants in new Samsung phones

Darren Guild posted this review on 18th May '12: -

OK, I'm ridiculously impressed with the Galaxy SIII, just spent the good part of an hour playing with all of its features, holding that sassy casing in my hand and fiddling with the camera and simply cannot fault it!
Pre-ordered on Orange and now its time to get excited waiting for the delivery on May 30th!

Keiran Smith in Manchester posted this review on 12th May '12: -

Lots of people were saying that they do not like the new design of the Samsung Galaxy S3 compared with the Galaxy S2, but don't take it from just the pictures ..... I've just had one on my hand and boy.... it is gorgeous!
I have the Samsung Galaxy S2 at the moment and wanted to see just how much different this Galaxy S3 would be both in design, speed and features, now that I have I have no doubts.....I am going to buy the S3!

Sharon Wells in London posted this review on 11th May '12: -

The Galaxy S3 is an amazing phone!
Just had a play with one and have fallen in love with it, the screen is so bright and clear, the video is amazing and the whole new design is very nice, no more square edges like my Galaxy S2!
Love the camera speed, takes a picture as soon as you press the screen with no lag time!

Craig Morton posted this review on 9th May '12: -

I really wasn't sure about the new design of the Galaxy SIII simply because I wasn't overly impressed with the similar looking Galaxy Nexus, BUT the more I stare at this latest Samsung phone the more it grows on me to the point that the features and technology almost make me love the curvy design!
I had a Samsung Galaxy S2 before so like many others I have been following the rumours, release news and fake images of what I thought would be a very similar looking device, how wrong I was and Samsung ..... I'm kind of glad I was ;)

Jimmy Ho posted this review on 8th May '12: -

Pretty much perfect!
An absolutely stunning phone with even more features I didn't even know about, the front camera actually tracks your eyes and keeps the main screen backlit whilst you are looking.
There's also the facility to call friends straight from text messages just by holding the phone up to your ear!
Social Tag is very cool as you don't have to check twitter, facebook and google+ to see friends updates ... this puts them all in one place when you look at their photo.
A really clever little trick the Samsung Galaxy S3 does that no other smart phone currently offers is if you leave the phone alone for a while and you receive a text or missed call, when you pick up the phone you get a little buzz to let you know!
Amazing phone, tops marks to Samsung - now the best smart phone available!

Harry Newton posted this review on 4th May '12: -

What an amazing upgrade to the S2! Wasn't expecting the new 'curvy' design but I absolutely love it!
Order placed! - Can't wait for it to be delivered!

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