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T-Mobile Energy Reviews

Get to know what others think of the T-Mobile Energy, scroll down for reviews from real users and find out exactly what it offers, both good and bad.

If you already own the Energy then please write your own review to help others make an informed decision, let them know exactly how you feel about it and whether you would recommend buying.

Simply choose a star rating for features, design and usability and send in your review, add as much detail as you can including what you think of its features, design and general comments.

Overall T-Mobile Energy Rating - 16 Reviews


User reviews of the T-Mobile Energy

ANDREW posted this review on 2nd Nov '13: -


sharon vercoe in cornwall posted this review on 17th Jun '13: -

i have had no problems with my t mobile at all .i bought it over 18 months ago not a single problem it is simple to use and easy access to everything im well impressed with it

Timmothy Williams in Surrey posted this review on 18th Dec '12: -

Worst phone ever made

??? posted this review on 2nd Dec '12: -


carl in london posted this review on 29th Nov '12: -

the tmobile energy is the worst phone i've ever had cant download music games etc internet keeps cutting out, calls cut out halfway through conversation and touch screen not that responsive just a terrible phone don't buy one save ur money

kathryn in newcastle posted this review on 20th Aug '12: -

Had nothing but problems with this phone since buying it end of may. Firstly the microphone bit didnt work so people couldnt hear me at all when they phoned me. Took it in to be repaired and they still havnt solved the problem completly. The touch screen isnt very responsive and finds it difficult to keep up with the speed of my texting. The keypad is also very small when texting making it difficult. Cant download apps/games onto it and cant put any music onto it. There are no short cuts and simple tasks leads to 4/5 screens before you get what you wanted. Its also rather heavy. Overall a waste of money and possibly the most useless piece of technology ive ever bought.

jessica posted this review on 15th Aug '12: -

good phone for the price, able to get onto social networking sites, but facebook doesnt bring up the whole page, no messages or chat :( is this just me? and apart from the keyboard its fine

Jj 4by 9 in Uk posted this review on 12th Aug '12: -

I reckon this phone is ok 1 thing though some people say its android
Snd some people say it isnt ?????

??????????????????????????????????????????? in ??????????????????????????????????????????? posted this review on 1st Aug '12: -

I think this phone is brilliant but sometimes when you are texting it clicks the wrong letter but other than that its good . i got mine for 40 thats good for the abitly of the phone .

ROSA LOVe posted this review on 13th Jun '12: -

Rubbish, no good if you don't have wifi around. Cannot download games either, bought as my daughters first touch screen. Waste of money, all it does is look pretty. Again, RUBBISH.

Sioban in Essex posted this review on 20th May '12: -

Overall this phone is great the Internet is fast. Although the screen does not always work it is worth the money of 50 (40 if you are an existing PAYG customer). I would recomend it to any gamer.

Jamil Liscott in Birmingham posted this review on 2nd Apr '12: -

Overall this phone is great, i bought it last week friday and it seems to far surpass its former, 'Tmobile Affinity', its much faster on the internet, it has java enabled from youtube and i found a handy little website that lets you download apps and games for it which is good. The battery like lasts a long time and its design is similar to that of an iphone and it's quite big which makes it look as though it's an expensive little thing for those of you with low budgets, however the touchscreen is very unresponsive in comparison to that of my iphone 3g and iphone 4, it is sluggish at times but never with the already built in apps, it has great storage capacity as mine came with a 2gb micro usb card for music, Calling quality is good however typing on that keyboard can become quite tedious as you can't type very quickly without making a mistake and i'm so used to typing quickly on my iphone, i bought this phone for my daughter as her first touchscreen and sadly even she declined it so i will be getting her an iphone aswell haha. It is all in all (for its low price) a very very good phone.

Linda posted this review on 4th Mar '12: -

I purchase this phone yesterday. Pay as you go, I am finding the touch screen hard work, as it is not very responsive, and sometimes it doesn't move at all, and is very frustrating. I also cannot find the Sounds option to change ringtones..it just isn't there in any part of phone. Spent a very long day yesterday trying to find my way around it, for this reason. Sound quality not very good either, can hardly hear when it rings, thus have missed a few calls. For some reason, I cannot connect it to my wifi, have been in touch with supplier, said phone must be fauly, but at T-mobile shop it does try to connect, but as it is outside my wifi, it obviously cannot pick up , and says fail..all I get in home is "Cannot connect"
The fact there is no user manual supplied is another bug bear. It is however on the memory card, but doesn't give any help at all, as nothing regards Sounds for ringtones is there , and I cannot open the PDF version to see if it is any clearer. and is nearly impossible to read as screen keeps jumping back to the same thing. "Definitely no Sounds" within it. I feel it has been a complete waste of money.The whole idea was to upgrade to a phone I could use for everything, not just call and text. I wish I had gone to O2 now, as I was always happy with their phones.

andrew shute in coventry.uk posted this review on 17th Jan '12: -

bought this phone last week and i think its a real bargain. has a good size screen with sharp colours. the box says it has a 3.2 megapixel camera, but the camera settings say it has five.it has fm radio and mp3 and video player, but is not that loud.it has wireless which works well, and its not that slow on its own internet. the bad points are that it s screen does not rotate on the internet and there is only one level of zoom which is not that easy to read.also, it wont download games from the t-mobile website, as it says the handset is not compatible, so im assuming that it does not have java.on youtube you can rotate the screen by pressing the full screen button. you can also do the same with photos.you can edit photos on the phone such as cropping and adjusting colour etc, which is handy as some photos are too large in memory size to display. doing a full image crop will fix this.a\nother badpoint is i cant seem to get rid of the home screen shortcuts such as google searh, the weather app etc. it does have facebook and facebook chat apps installed but you cant use them both at once.the browser is opera mini which seems to want you to put in a full web address instead of just "facebook or ebay", so i use the google searh button which works better.
all in all, apart from the lack of a higher zoom and not being able to download games to it its has still been a good buy for me.id rarely play games on it anyway and all i really wanted was a wireless, decent camera and large 3.5" screen phone with good battery life. my last phone was an arena which needed charging every day where as the energy has lasted me 4 days and showing a third charge when i charged it up.

simon butlin posted this review on 4th Jan '12: -

i like this phone but it doesnt tell you how to get apps on the main menu

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