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Welcome to Phones Limited – Mobile Price Comparison Service

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When you’re looking for that one deal that suits your needs and wallet there’s only one way to find it … price comparison!

We’ve been comparing mobile phone deals since 2002 when there were only around 600 available in the entire mobile market.

These days there’s a choice of over 1 million mobile deals available every day so comparing them all in a simple way to guarantee you get the best price for your new phone is essential!

Use our intelligent deal filters to create your perfect package, choose how many minutes of calls you need, how many text messages you want to send, how much of that essential data to keep you going all month and then sort through the cheapest mobile deals to find that perfect fit!

We are partnered with all of the leading mobile phone shops, networks and online retailers which means you can compare mobile deals from the whole of the market in one place!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get comparing and saving today!